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Spoor's postprocessing tool parses and symbolizes trace data generated at runtime and converts these data into human-readable formats.


Spoor's postprocessing tools are packaged as a command line tool.

spoor --help
spoor: Parse and symbolize Spoor traces.

USAGE: spoor [options...] <search_paths...>

  Flags from spoor/tools/config/
    --output_file (Output file.); default: "";
    --output_format (Data output format. Options: automatic, perfetto,
      spoor_symbols, csv. "automatic" detects the format from the output file's
      extension.); default: automatic;

Try --helpfull to get a list of all flags or --help=substring shows help for
flags which include specified substring in either in the name, or description or

Output formats

The command line tool infers the file output format from the output_file's extension.


Outputs a Perfetto-compatible trace file that can be visualized in Perfetto's trace viewer.

Spoor symbols

Aggregates one or more .spoor_symbols files into a single .spoor_symbols file.


Aggregates one or more .spoor_symbols files, then outputs these symbols data as a semicolon-delimited text file. This is useful for parsing the symbols data in other programs.